I have over 7 years of experience doing tech support and administrative work, where I kicked butt at problem solving, learning new skills and helping people grow their businesses. I heard the phrase 'Can I just pay someone to do this for me?' enough times and saw the gap in support for entrepreneurs and smaller businesses hitting those points of growth or transition. I've always had a knack for computers so I didn't want to make my services to be too niche. The reason I started this business was to help people, and there are so many different ways I can do that.

The major platforms I have worked at have been Shopify (4 years), along with being a Shopify user myself, and Jane App (2 years). After spending my days troubleshooting for and advising a wide range of customers, I know these platforms like the back of my hand, from import and setup, to design and day to day logistics. I have experience working with Squarespace as well, and really have yet to find a website builder I couldn't master. 


My goal in building and leading a business has always been to do it in a human-forward way. I want to help people gain more control over their lives and businesses by tackling those tasks that are holding everything up. Whether you don't have the time, understanding or even just the will to get something done, I am here to be your extra set of arms so you can cross it off your list - toodaloo!


I am a big believer of business being able to change our world for the better, just as it has done so for the worst. The relationship that humans have with work is changing and many are getting inspired to find ways to make money outside of the classic 40 hour work week in an organization. Seeing humans tap into their creative sides or taking a chance on themselves to start their own business is inspiring, and my strength has always been as a behind the scenes person that makes the magic happen. Tedious work has nothing on me and my spreadsheets.

Looking forward to working with you!